Consumer Education

Graduate students within this area of expertise acquire specialized knowledge in the field of sustainable development focusing in consumer education. They are trained to display a critical understanding of the principles, theories, methodologies and practices of sustainable development as it relates to the scientific branches which fall in the scope of consumer behavior and consumer protection. The graduates are expected to apply with ease the theories and methodologies of Sustainable Development in their research, studies and work in a reflective and creative way. The graduates are expected to apply the acquired knowledge in research, analysis and development of innovative solutions to complex and interdisciplinary issues concerning consumer education. They professionally apply the specialized knowledge and skills they have acquired and effectively address new, interdisciplinary or unpredictable issues. They address problems and make strategic decisions based on inductive thinking. They contribute to the development of knowledge and practices in the business and entrepreneurial sector; they also acquire crisis management skills.

The aim of this area of expertise is to enable postgraduate students to understand consumer behavior and develop marketing strategic skills and consumer protection programs. It also enables them to recognize the significant impact of consumer behavior on the sustainable economic growth of markets. Moreover, it aims at shaping postgraduate students into conscious citizens and capable executives so that they can successfully cope with the increasingly competitive environment and the ever-changing social settings in terms of values ​​and views.

Graduates of this area of expertise are able to work professionally in both the public and private sectors. In particular, in banks, brokerage companies, production and trading enterprises, consumer protection unions and institutes, research institutes, services of the Ministries of Finance, Economy and Development, Infrastructure, Transport and Networks etc.

Finally, the graduates of the "Sustainable Development" programme acquire professional rights to exercise the profession of “Economist” and “Accountant – Tax Consultant”, equivalent to the rights acquired through the undergraduate programs of the Universities of Economics in Greece and abroad (Decision K/124/9-1-2014 of the Board of the Economic Chamber of Greece).

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