Administration and Management of Educational Units

It is common to note that much of the functional problems in the country's educational units are due to the rudimentary scientific level of the administration of education. The relevant literature shows that administration at the level of educational institutions is applied empirically. A school head, for example, assumes administrative tasks without prior training.

Research from international organizations (e.g. OECD, UNESCO, etc.) shows that school leadership is an important factor in the effectiveness of school units and, more generally, education. For this reason, the provision of specific training in school administration and management to those who take up positions of administration has become compulsory in some European countries. This is not the case in Greece, except for the short inadequate training that is sometimes provided to prospective educational executives. The operation of this particular Specialization partially fills this gap. The same applies to research in this field.

In addition, in-depth teachers’ understanding of the principles of science of administration, and also of the economic importance of education, is imperative, so that modernization in the administrative mechanisms of educational institutions and improvement of their functioning through "effective management" are attained. Postgraduate students of this Specialization will have the opportunity to expand and enhance their knowledge and, also, their professional skills, in order to become able to address the various problems related to the management of an organization and especially of its human resources, where the success not only of the school units but also of all organizations is based on. Finally, deepening in matters relating to the fields of Management Science will help shape the graduate students in conscious executives, able to successfully address difficulties and problems arising in the sensitive area of ​​education and being related to the achievement of organizational and other educational goals. Moreover, the main objective of the Management Science is to ensure the smooth application of the administrative principles, which, especially in the field of education, is a key priority, since the educational organizations are accountable to the society.

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