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The Laboratories of the Department


There are four (4) laboratories in the Department aiming at strengthening the educational and research activities of the Department. These are the following:


1. Laboratory of Human Ecology and Agricultural Economics

It serves the educational and research needs in the subjects: Home economics and management of the human and natural environment. Mild forms of tourism, family. Home technology. Economics and policy of production and marketing of primary products and food. Social economy. Family and development. Art, culture, house. Biology, physiology and human nutrition.

Director: Evangelia Georgitsogianni, Professor


2. Laboratory of Management and Education

It serves education and research needs in the subjects: Human Resources Management. Methodology of scientific research. Pedagogical and didactic methodology. Educational planning and educational assessment. Pedagogical Psychology with an emphasis on learning processes and communication in the classroom.
The Laboratory also supports the services offered by the University Students’ Counseling Center.

Director: Aikaterini Maridaki-Kassotaki, Professor


3. Laboratory of Economic and Social Analysis of the Family and the Consumer

It serves the educational and research needs in the subjects: Economic and social behavior of the consumer and the family. Working conditions and national, European and international policies. Market research. Environmental economics.

Director: Eleni Theodoropoulou, Professor


4. Laboratory of Technology and Information Processing

The Laboratory serves educational and research needs in the subjects: Data Collection, Analysis and Management. Design, Study, Implementation and Evaluation of Programs, Systems and Applications. Computational Methods and Techniques. Domotics and New Technologies applications.

Director: Anna Saiti, Professor

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