Environmental Management

Graduate students within this area of expertise acquire specialized knowledge in sustainable development, focusing in the field of environmental management. They are trained to display a critical understanding of the principles, theories, methodologies and practices of sustainable development as it relates to the scientific branches which are in the scope of environmental protection, waste management and environmental planning. The graduates acquire the knowledge and skills in research, analysis and development of innovative solutions to complex, interdisciplinary and innovative issues concerning environmental management. They apply the specialized knowledge and skills they have acquired and effectively address new, interdisciplinary or unpredictable issues.

The aim of this area of expertise is to assess the intrinsic value of the natural environment as a component of sustainable development, to understand the inseparable relationship among human activities, natural resources and waste, and to consolidate the positive effects of management measures and programs for the protection and restoration of the natural environment.

Graduates of this area of expertise are able to work professionally in both the public and private sectors. In particular, in Local Development Companies, at the Ministry of Economy and Development, the Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks, the Ministry of Rural Development and Food, the Ministry of Environment and Energy, in the Greek Ombudsman, in Environmental Organizations, in the Public Power Corporation, Hellenic Petroleum, in the Program for Pollution Control of Athens, in industries and consulting offices, etc.

Finally, the graduates of the "Sustainable Development" programme acquire professional rights to exercise the profession of “Economist” and “Accountant – Tax Consultant”, equivalent to the rights acquired through the undergraduate programs of the Universities of Economics in Greece and abroad (Decision K/124/9-1-2014 of the Board of the Economic Chamber of Greece).

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