Local Development

Graduate students of this area of expertise acquire specialized knowledge in the field of sustainable development and in particular that of local development. After the completion of their degree, the students will be able to understand the principles, theories, methodologies and practices of sustainable development, as it relates to the scientific branches which are in the scope of local and regional development, local government and employment. The students during their studies acquire an understanding of evolutionary dynamics and cutting-edge issues of sustainable development. They apply the acquired knowledge in research, analysis and development of innovative solutions to complex, interdisciplinary and innovative issues focusing on local development. They professionally apply the specialized knowledge and skills they have acquired, in order to address effectively new, interdisciplinary or unpredictable issues.

The aim of this area of expertise is to train scientists capable of participating in the development of local and regional development programs and to train specialized scientists who meet the manpower needs of public and private entities in the areas of local development. It also aims to strengthen the support and promotion of entrepreneurship by providing more knowledge and skills on human behavior and the philosophy of social and economic change in even wider areas of employment. It also aims at shaping postgraduate students into well-informed citizens and competent executives so that they can successfully cope with the increasingly competitive environment and the constantly changing society in terms of values ​​and perceptions.

The graduates of this area of expertise are able to work professionally in both the public and private sectors. In particular, the services of the Ministries of Rural Development and Food, Labor, Social Security and Social Solidarity, Tourism and Interior, in Municipalities, Regions, Research Centers, Vocational Training Institutes, Cooperatives, Local Development Companies, University Research Development Programs etc.

Finally, the graduates of the "Sustainable Development" programme acquire professional rights to exercise the profession of “Economist” and “Accountant – Tax Consultant”, equivalent to the rights acquired through the undergraduate programs of the Universities of Economics in Greece and abroad (Decision K/124/9-1-2014 of the Board of the Economic Chamber of Greece).

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