Introduction to Financial Analysis


Undergraduate level | 5th semester | Elective Unit | ΟΚ1300


Credit Units ECTS: 5 

Teaching Hours (Weekly): 3   

Course Type: Scientific Knowledge and Skill Development

Prequisites: --

Teaching and Examination Language: Greek

For Erasmus students study course and exams are offered in English.

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Course Material

Financial management and function; financial environment; analysis of financial ratios; financial programming and control; capital budgeting; foreseen financial needs; financial risk factors; international capital markets; financial structure; capital structure; financial leverage; business risk and investment’s rate of return; capital loans; financing with common stocks; CAPM; inflation pressures and investments; techniques of capital budgeting; cost of capital; dividend policy; privilege stocks; influences of price fluctuations

Learning Outcomes

The continuous changing economic environment and the international competition demand good training and specialized labor force on financial issues. Managers on financial issues should be well prepared to handle, in an effective manner, all the financial tools, so as to adjust to every situation and to confront each problem that occurs in the organizational environment. This module aims to determine the significant responsibilities of the financial managers, the possible problems, and the approaches to strategies for an effective and rational decision making.

General Skills

  • Decision making
  • Leadership
  • Team Work
  • Work in an international context
  • New and innovative ideas (Innovative Skills)
  • Creativity skills
  • Planning and project management

Learning and Teaching Techniques - Evaluation

Teaching Methods: Face to Face

Use of ICT: Yes

Course Organization:

ActivitySemester Work Load
Lectures 35
Study and Literature Review 50
Practical Issues 40
Total 125

 Assessment Methods:

This module may be assessed either through written exams at the end of the academic semester or through two written assessments during the academic semester. The latter are optional. Students can be exempted from the written exams at the end of the semester only if they have taken the written assessments and passed them both with grade 5 (promotional grade). Otherwise, they are obliged to sit the written exams at the end of the semester. The dates regarding the written assessments during the academic semester will be announced by the lecturer. In all written assessments students either have to develop critical issues with justification from the relevant literature, or indicate whether or not a statement is true or false.

Suggested Bibliography

Recommended reading (in Greek & other languages): any books or other learning material which they will be required to use as the course unit progresses.

  • Artikis, P. G. (2013). Financial management and financing decisions Athens: Faidimos publications. (in Greek)
  • Artikis, P. G. (2013). Financial management and Investment decisions. Athens: Faidimos publications. (in Greek)
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